Application mobility

I’m a horder and this is most apparent in my virtual world. I have documents and applications from years ago that have survived across several computers. These days these documents now even have to survive being moved across to a different breed of computer with the advent of mobile computing.

In my early days I was like a magpie running around grabbing the latest and shiniest software, but this came with a problem. Most of those applications have either ceased to exist, or have stopped supporting their older file formats. At least the experience taught me the value of open and standardised formats.

So why this post? I was updating my CV when my keyboard died. Fortunately for me my CV is saved in the open document format and I have it stored on google drive. While I can’t use my computer to edit the document I can easily bring it up on my tablet and continue to be productive. Guess thats the end goal of computing. Seemlessly being able to use whatever device is around to get your work done. Just as long as the devices that you choose to use continue to be future proofed.

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